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         RM Winery 2016 Fall/Winter Newsletter

We are already into the first weeks of Fall and look forward to the exciting Fall and winter happenings! There will be lots of work done in the winery and the grounds in the next few months so be sure to keep track of us on our website or on Facebook.

Let’s take a look at the 2016 harvest.


RM Winery in the winter.

Harvest was so early this year that we went from the hot days of summer right into days and even nights of grape picking. Our Cabernet Sauvignon grown right in front of the main house, came in very early-a month and a half early if we look at our records correctly. The Barbera, grown right next to the Cabernet and along the driveway, was harvested at the same time. Both crops were a big improvement over last year yielding 4.5 tons for the cab and 1.5 tons for the Barbera.


Our first night harvest.

We had our first ever night harvest with Wente’s trucks rolling in at 1:30 AM. We forgot to alert our neighbors about the spotlights that made the vineyard turn into daylight but haven’t heard a word of complaint from them yet. We will be sure to drop off a bottle of wine to keep peace! Our Assistant winemaker, Jeff Finch, and some of our staff turned up to begin the day long crush.

The volume of wine this year will keep us going when it ages to perfection in a few years. By the end of October, we will have crushed and pressed 20 tons of grapes!

Seven varities of grapes will resurface in one of our bottles in 2017, 2018 or 2019: Estate Barbera, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Merlot, Nebbiolo and Petit Verdot.

November Club  Release

November is the last club release of the year 2016. This marks the debut of our first ever Cabernet Franc with a QA session with assistant winemaker Jeff Finch in the winery and live music in our native gardens. February is always our winter release and promises a selection of “fireside” wines to spread a warm toasty glow into the coldest months of Northern California. At least we hope for a little cold and lots of rain for a change of pace from our nine months of summer.

Olive Oil

In early December, our estate Kalamata olives are harvested and taken to our local olive press at Crohare located on the old Olivina property on Arroyo Road. It is just down the road from RM Winery, so we deliver the olives ourselves and stay for the crush. This is quite an experience to watch our year-long effort become deliciously edible olive oil.

Holidays in the Vineyardswreathonly

Also in December, is the region wide Holidays in the Vineyards. This is our thirteenth year participating in this free and fun annual event. Some of you may remember the huge gingerbread house we built one year. As you can imagine, we never did that again as a one-day project turned out to be one week. We always have a great time decorating for the holidays, even if the weather delivers 70 degree days in an attempt to confuse us.

RM Staff News


Glenn and Jeff sorting our estate Cabernet Sauvignon.

We have added four new staff members, to already working Jeff Finch, Aaron Baca, Leslie Mladinich, and Leeza Salcido, to our tasting room this year to help us with our growing winery. Some of you already know our Assistant winemaker, Jeff Finch, Jr. He has been so busy with the 2016 harvest, that you may find him scarce in the tasting room at least until November. He’s already become the right hand man at the winery, and is very well-educated in the art of wine making and knows a good wine. If time permits, he will take you on a tour of our winemaking facilities and give you a winemaking 101 course in ten minutes!

The other two new staff members are Glenn Sulzberg and Carlos Ortega. Both of them are crowd pleasers in the tasting room as they can answer your most difficult questions about wine. Both have been involved in the extensive Las Positas viticulture program and are willing to share their knowledge with you. We are very fortunate to have these three new staff members.

The fourth new member, Lauren Skaggs, is very familiar with our winery as she was the prior Assistant Winemaker here at the winery and also in charge of Sales and Marketing. We lost Lauren to Michigan a year ago, but she is again a huge help to our Sales and Marketing program working remotely from her home office. We like the connection with Michigan and keeping in touch with Lauren and her family.

2016 and 2017 are turning out to be two of our best years. We have a great team, great wine, and our growing wine club is very special to us.

Enjoy your fall and Winter wherever you are and we’ll talk to you again in the Spring!


Winery greeter Smokey getting into the Holiday spirit.