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         RM Winery Summer Newsletter

Great Year for Picnicking at RM Winery

Creating our picnic area over the years has been a great pleasure for us. We love to see people enjoy tasting our wine and food in our shady and peaceful garden almost all year. We always appreciate that our guests have been respectful of our space by observing the following suggestions:

  • Our tables will comfortably accommodate 2-6 persons.At most you may reserve a table for 8 people, children included. Larger groups are discouraged. Please observe this policy.
  • Wine tasting is the primary purpose of or tasting grounds and we request that they are not used for events or parties.
  • Picnicking at our winery is reserved for you to enjoy  RM wine to compliment your food. Please purchase one bottle of wine for every four people in attendance.
  • We ask that you limit your time to 1.5 hours so that other guests can also enjoy the grounds.
  • Please take everything you bring home with you. We will gladly provide a plastic bag for your trash upon request.
  • We welcome children, but the alcohol nature of our product requires close supervision by the adults in charge. Please keep your children with you at all times. Since other adults are enjoying the outdoor ambiance of our winery, we encourage children to respect their peace and quiet.

Our wish is that you enjoy your time at our winery and feel at home here. The above requests are to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy RM Winery.

Club Members now have the opportunity to reserve a picnic table in advance for normal tasting room hours and our evening events. Ask our staff for more information.

Vineyard Management

purple-grape-bunch.jpgThis year we have taken a larger role in the farming of our estate vineyard and our neighboring vineyard, Tabby Cat, across the street. Essential to producing a great wine is starting with exceptional grapes. Changing our vineyard approach allows us even greater control on how the grapes are grown and ensure quality of our wine. Our farming practices are changing under the direction of winemaker Jeff Finch. We are experimenting with a larger canopy, less water and less fungicide.

This year we are pulling 5 rows of our Cabernet Sauvignon and replanting. We will continue replanting 5 rows each year until all of our Cabernet Sauvignon has been replaced. The productive lifespan of Cabernet Sauvignon is about 20 years, so it’s time to begin.

Oak Aging Experiment

Our winemaker, Jeff, will be experimenting with oak barrels from three different countries for this vintage’s Cabernet Sauvignon. We have purchased new barrels made from French, American and Hungarian oak. Our most recent vintages of Cabernet Sauvignon have been aged in either 100% French oak or French and American hybrid barrels. These new barrels will be used for only three years to ensure top quality of our wine. Maybe you will be invited for a taste test in our oak experiment?

Rodrigue Molyneaux Olive Oil

This year we have a very small quantity of olive oil, so if this is on your list, come late August to the third release party for a taste and purchase. You will see that the olive trees got a huge haircut this year. The new shape should help with the olive fruit fly invasion while also keeping the trees low enough for harvesting. Our oil is from Kalamata olives which gives it a big earthy taste. We do also make eating olives, but do not market them to the public.

Giving Back and Supporting Our Community

RM Winery is very generous with donations to local non-profit organizations in the form of wine/oil, event space and monetary donations. This is our fifth year hosting the Livermore Shakespeare Festival thank you event at our winery. We love this local company and are very happy to share in their success by providing a space for their volunteer thank you party. Their plays are always out-of-doors at Wente Winery with outstanding casts and special effects. We offer a very fun event with wine, food, and special guests from the Livermore Shakespeare Company.

This September, we are happy to provide event space and wine to the East Bay Regional Parks Foundation for their annual thank you event. If you are new to the area, you will soon learn that East Bay parks almost surrounds our valley offering an extensive trail system for hiking, swimming and mountain biking. We happily support their efforts to preserve our open space. To learn more about the Regional Parks Foundation visit www.regionalparksfoundation.org/