2012 Pinot Grigio

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Livermore Valley
Alcohol: 14.3%
Brix: 22.9
PH: 3.48
TA: 0.9%
VA: 4.2 g/l
Aging: 19 months in Stainless Steel
Production: 109 cases
Varietal: 100% Pinot Grigio

Bright lemon Meyer and grapefruit flavors. With zippy acidity! Nice finish with and overall, balanced well. Serve with light summer fare, BBQ, grilled fish, fettuccine Alfredo, and Italian cheese.

Vintage: A cooler summer, with heat picking up in late August and September.

History: Rodrigue Molyneaux Estate Winery and Vineyard has been producing fine Italian style wines for almost a decade. With Livermore Valley’s climate, Italian wines do well as the climate mimics the Italian coast along the Mediterranean. Our new labels for our Italian wines, represents how we want guests to feel when you visiting our winery; relaxed, inviting, and serene. Each Italian label is a different color and each variety will have something different to explore on the label.

Appellation: The Livermore Valley AVA is situated 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. This proximity to the ocean, with foot-hills surrounding the valley, creates temperature fluctuations perfect for grape growing. The foothills block the cool marine layer in the daytime creating warm days. At night the marine layer rolls in dropping temperatures almost 50 degrees. Vines develop deep roots in the alluvial soils deposited over ancient riverbeds that left behind mineral rich stones. This region, produces excellent Cabernet Sauvignon with typical flavors of Eucalyptus and mint.

Vineyard: This vineyard has a Southern slope and has substantially more elevation than in the Livermore Valley. This allows the vines to get enough heat for ripening the Pinot Blanc grapes, but it is closer to the Pacific Ocean and can be significantly cooler allowing for greater acidity. The vines develop deep roots along the slopes of the foothills and this al-lows for a much more complex flavor in the wine. The vineyard gets no irrigation as the plentiful rainfall in late winter and springtime allow the vine to survive, but struggle in the summer which helps concentrate the flavors in the grapes.

Wine: 1.85 tons were harvested September 7, 2012. These grapes were brought in early morning to keep the ripe fruit flavor and acidity high. Grapes were immediately crushed and pressed and placed in a stainless steel tank to undergo fermentation in a cool environment. Malolactic fermentation began September 21, 2013. Bentonite was using for clarity and then filtered out in a 40 plate filter prior to bottling.