As a Club Member you may reserve a table in our gardens during normal tasting room hours and evening events*. Our wish is that you enjoy your time at our winery and feel at home here. We ask that you follow the requests below to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy RM Winery.

  • Our tables will comfortably accommodate 2-6 persons. At most you may reserve a table for 8 people, children included. Larger groups are discouraged. Please observe this policy.
  • Wine tasting is the primary purpose of or tasting grounds and we request that they are not used for events or parties.
  • We ask that you limit your time to 2 hours so that other guests can also enjoy the grounds.
  • Please take everything you brought home with you. We will gladly provide a plastic bag for your trash upon request.
  • We welcome children, but the alcohol nature of our product requires close supervision by the adults in charge. Please keep your children with you at all times. Since other adults are enjoying the outdoor ambiance of our winery, we encourage children to respect their peace and quiet.

Please email with the date, table preference and arrival time that you would like to reserve. Your table will be considered reserved when you receive a confirmation email from our staff.

*Reservations will not be accepted during club member only events unless otherwise noted. Table reservations for club members only.