From grape to glass, our wine is a reflection of its terrior and our family. We do everything on our estate from the careful thinning of the grapes in the vineyard, barrel aging, to bottling and labeling of the final product.


Our top selling wines originate in our estate vineyard. On the estate, we use a farming technique called canopy management. We thin and prune our vines so that they get adequate sun exposure, and we also drop fruit so that the vine’s energy is focused on only a few berry clusters instead of many. We also apply sustainable farming practices to preserve the farmland for generations to come.

Grapes that are not grown on our estate are purchased within the Livermore Valley AVA (American Viticulture Area). We choose vineyards that are unique, specialized, and tended to, as we would our very own. The Winemaker monitors and frequently visits these vineyards to ensure that he is purchasing only the highest quality grapes.


Grapes are harvested late in the growing season to achieve the best possible mixture of sugar content and acidity. Harvesting the grapes is done only by hand in the cool early morning. Each berry cluster has been inspected for grape faults and stems and leaves are removed before crush and fermentation can proceed.


Whole grape berries are brought into the winery and processed on site. They are de-stemmed and crushed prior to alcohol fermentation. Levels are constantly monitored during this time. When fermentation is complete, free-run is captured and remaining must is bladder pressed before being placed into barrels for aging. All wine is produced using stainless steel equipment that is rigorously cleaned and sanitized.


Our wine is aged in French Oak and American Oak barrels and our white wine is aged in stainless steel. Through the aging process, wine is topped, tasted, lees stirred, and tested continuously. The red wine is racked several times and filtered, never fined, for clarity. We age it in a cellar with constant temperature, humidity, and darkness. Once the wine has been aged in barrels, it is bottled and left to age once again to achieve the correct balance of fruit, acidity, and complexity.