Reservation & Payment
All fees are to be paid by credit card. RM Winery does not accept cash or checks.

To confirm a reservation, RM Winery needs from Customer:
• Total rental price set forth on the Event Price List (hereinafter the “Rental Fee”)
• Valid credit card
• $300.00 refundable cleaning deposi
• Signed contract

Two weeks prior to the event, RM Winery needs the:
• Invitation and Program of event
• Payment for the minimum wine purchase
• Number attending Customer’s party or event
• List of all outside contractors

If any balance is not paid 14 days prior to Customer’s event, RM Winery has the right in its sole discretion to cancel Customer’s event and rebook the date and this contract will be null and void.

If Customer should cancel the event fourteen (14) days or more before the day of the event, RM Winery will return Customer’s total rental fee and Customer will have no further cancellation liability. Should Customer cancel the event less than (14) days prior to the event, Customer shall forfeit the entire amount and shall pay the entire balance owed if any under this contract, including the balance of the Rental Fee and the amount of minimum wine purchase.

Events must be 50 people or less including host, bride, groom, wedding party, & wedding officiate.
RM Winery must know the exact number or persons attending Customer’s event.
Customer’s guaranteed attendance number is due 14 days prior to the event.
If, on the day of the event, more than the number of guests agreed upon attends, Customer will be charged $75.00 per additional person, or they may be asked to leave.

Food and Beverage
The customer must choose between two wine options:
1) host bar or 2) pre-purchase wine using the chart below with applicable discounts.

• 15 people or fewer = 6 bottles of wine
• 16-30 people = 1 case of wine
• 31-50 people = 2 cases of wine

Option #1, all opened bottles of wine will be paid for by the customer immediately following the event.

Option #2, payment for the wine is due two weeks before the event. Customer may keep bottles of wine not consumed at Customer’s event. The price for any additional wine consumed at the event is due and payable at the immediate conclusion of the event.

RM Winery will be the sole provider of wine. No outside alcoholic beverages of any kind, including wine, beer, or liquor may be brought in, except for non-alcoholic beverages.

In conformance with responsibilities under state and federal law and RM Winery policies, RM Winery reserves the right to:
1. Refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone
2. Require proof of legal drinking age from any guest appearing to be under the age of 30
3. End all alcoholic beverage service 30 minutes prior to the contracted end time of your event.
4. RM Winery reserves the right to contact law enforcement officials, if it deems necessary or appropriate, to protect RM Winery property or personnel or for any other reason.

It is recommended that all food be done by an approved caterer.
Weddings must use an approved caterer. A copy of the menu must be submitted prior to customer’s event.

All summer events will be held outside in the courtyard between the months of June through October, weather permitting

All Winter Events will be held in the tasting room between the months of November through May, unless weather permits otherwise.

RM Winery will endeavor to hold your event in the location you request. However, RM Winery reserves the right in its sole discretion to move the event in the case of inclement weather, or for any other reason.

It is the responsibility of Customer to provide and pay for enclosures, such as tents, if necessary


On weekends, 5 parking spots will be provided for you and your guests.
Remaining parking spots will be reserved for the tasting room.
Additional parking is available at Robertson Park. Customer will be responsible for transporting Customer’s guests to the winery.

All vendors must be approved by RM Winery.

Prior to the event, RM Winery will determine if additional staff is needed such as parking attendant, bartender, server, or cleaning staff. The cost of extra staff will be the responsibility of the customer. All extra staff will be hired by RM Winery.

A Portable toilet will be provided by RM Winery for the event, unless RM Winery determines it is unnecessary.
Rehearsal: Two (2) hours are allowed for wedding rehearsal at prearranged time.

RM Winery has established some good neighbor policies to ensure that amplified music does not disturb neighbors or other guests.

1. No disc jockeys are allowed.
2. Musicians must finish by the ending time of the event.
3. Customer may use RM Winery’s sound system
4. No amplified music
5. Musicians or bands must be approved 14 days prior to the event

Cleaning Deposit
It is preferred that the customer leave the facility in the same manner as the customer found it. All trash and decorations must be removed from the facility at the end of the event. Tables and chairs are to be left they way they were found. All rental from a rental facility must be placed in the same place as they were dropped off.

The customer must remain at the winery until management has determined that the facility has been left as it was found.

The cleaning deposit will be refunded within 7 days after the event less any cleaning fees charged on customer’s credit card, subject to any offset for property damage as set forth in the liability provisions below.

RM Winery will provide wine glasses and serving bars. Customer will be charged $5.00 per glass for any broken glasses.

For non-wedding events, RM Winery will provide plastic chairs (up to 30), 5 outdoor tables, and linens if needed.

Three (3) hours are allowed for Customer decorating.

As a general policy, no decorations are allowed that leave any type of residue, which could include, but is not limited to: confetti, silly string, rice, bird seed, tacks, staples, pins, tape or any other items on doors and walls.

Candles are allowed in glass hurricane chimneys or floating candles only.

No sparklers or any decoration that may pose a fire hazard.


Please inform RM Winery if any of Customer’s guests need handicapped accommodations of any kind 14 days prior to the event

This is a smoke free facility. Smoking is not allowed on this property.

Children must be fully supervised and remain with the event at all times.

A Copy of Customer’s event invitation, program and schedule must be submitted to RM Winery 14 days prior to your event.

Lost or damaged property:

RM Winery is not responsible for lost or damaged property suffered by Customer or Customer’s event participants, guests, employees, representatives, agents, assistants, volunteers, or independent contractors (collectively hereinafter “Customer Participants”) prior to, during or following the contracted event.

Responsibility for Personal Injury
Absent an act of gross negligence by RM Winery, RM Winery shall not be responsible for any death or injury sustained by Customer or any of the Customer Participants during or following the contracted event. None of RM Winery’s employees, volunteers, landlord, independent contractors, agents or representatives shall be responsible, absent an act of gross negligence by such person, for any death or injury sustained by Customer or any of the Customer Participants. Customer specifically agrees to waive any personal legal right of actions and agrees to hold harmless RM Winery and RM Winery’s owners, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, landlords, independent contractors, agents, representatives and assigns, from and against any legal actions or claims of any type by any of the Customer Participants. RM Winery shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of Wente Vineyards or any other service provider or independent contractor.

Responsibility for Damage to RM Winery Property:
Customer shall be liable to RM Winery for any loss of or damage to any property of RM Winery or of its employees, volunteers, landlords, contractors, agents or representatives caused by Customer or any of the Customer Participants, including without limitation the full cost of replacement of any such property. In addition to all of its other legal remedies, RM Winery shall be entitled to offset and deduct the cost of repair (or replacement) for any such losses or damages against Customer’s cleaning deposit.

Contractual liability and cancellation:
The performance of RM Winery’s obligations under this contract is contingent upon conditions such as its ability to obtain food and beverages to be served, having power and light at the facility, and the ability of RM Winery employees to report to work. If these conditions or other conditions to the performance of RM Winery’s obligations under this contract cannot be met due an act of God, strike, or other condition beyond RM Winery’s control, RM Winery may cancel Customer’s event and RM Winery shall bear no liability; its sole obligation shall be to use reasonable efforts to reschedule the event if conditions permit rescheduling or, at Customer’s option, cancel the event and return the deposit. If under such circumstances the event cannot reasonably be rescheduled or the Customer elects to cancel the event, RM Winery’s liability shall be limited to the return of Customer’s deposit or rental fee paid.

Any additions, revisions or amendments to this contract may only be made by a written amendment to the contract signed by both of the parties. Customer represents that he/she has read all of the terms and conditions set forth in this contract