• If I choose to have my wine shipped, an adult signature is required upon delivery. My package will not be left at my door. I understand that I am responsible for all costs incurred as a result of my wine shipment
being returned to the winery for reshipment.

• If I would like my wine shipped, I will notify the winery.

• I will be notified by e-mail that my wine is ready to be picked up, or that it is to be shipped. Wine is distributed 4 times per year approx. in Fall, Winter, and Summer.

• I understand that there is no membership fee to join, and I may cancel my membership at anytime. To cancel my membership, I must submit a cancellation notice by e-mail only. When you submit an e-mail canceling your membership, you will receive an e-mail from the winery confirming your cancellation within two weeks. If you do not receive this e-mail, we did not receive your e-mail.

• If a wine delivery is scheduled within two weeks of cancellation, I will be charged for that wine and/or shipment.

• If I cancel my membership and have wine that I have not picked up and have paid for, I will have three months to pick-up my wine or it will be forfeited.

• I will notify the winery of any changes to my e-mail or street address.

• My membership agreement is between the winery and one person. The winery does not do duo memberships.

• It is my responsibility to pick up my wine in a timely manner. RM Winery guarantees the same bottles for one wine distribution cycle (approximately 4 months) After that, three bottles of wine that are equal to or less than the value of my original wine will be substituted if it is no longer available. If the wine is not picked up after thee wine distribution cycles (1 year), the wine will be restocked, my credit card will be reimbursed minus a 30% restocking fee, and membership will be revoked.

• If my credit card is declined for two wine distribution cycles (approximately 6 months), my membership will be revoked. If I have wine that I have not picked and have paid for, my wine will be forfeited.

• If my credit card is declined for a wine distribution, the winery will continually try to collect funds by rerunning the card up until the next wine distribution.

• I can only pick my wine and not wine for other members.

For more information about our wine club, please call or contact info@rmwinery.com

All terms and benefits are subject to change. RM Winery will notify all members of changes through the newsletter or e-mail.